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The Moyno EZstrip TR Muncher series of grinders offer a competitive solution to solids grinding and sludge conditioning.  With the maintenance-in-place EZstrip system, maintenance is reduced by more than 70 % for significant savings.  The unique angled cutter stack provides for an "upflow" design that rejects hard materials reducing the risk of damage to the cutter teeth.  The built-in trash trap is situated below and away from the cutter stack to catch any rejected materials.  These materials can be removed via clean-out ports or flushed out. Read More.. EZstrip TR Muncher In-line Grinder


Moyno's line of Channel Grinders are high torque, low speed grinders for open channel and wet well installations.  They all utilize two slow rotating shafts with low cutter tip speeds for reduced wear and long life.  The shafts rotate at different speeds to pull apart fibrous materials, chop and shear materials into small parts which can easily be processed further.  The high torque design allows for the crushing of large brittle materials to prevent damage to equipment further down the processing stream.

Moyno also combines the standard grinders in duplex and triplex formations in their MaxFlow design to handle high flows at large pump stations or plant inlets.  Read More..Series A In-Channel Grinder

Discam Screen




A grinder and screen system for the effective maceration of screenings. Can be easily retrofitted into new build or existing sewage pump stations or inlet works.

Typical Applications

  •  Pump station screening
  •  Inlet works screening



nfmmediaTakes pride that they are one of the world's oldest and largest providers of air pollution control and liquid filtration products. NFM has achieved success by adhering to the same business principles practiced since the firm was founded in 1906. They believe in building partnerships with their customers and in earning their business every day. The technology has changed since 1906, but their commitment remains the same. They want to be long term partners with their customers.

National Filter Media manufactures replacement Leaf & Plate Pressure Cloth, Rotary Disc Covers, Traveling Belt & Covers, Drainage Belt, Dust & Fume Collection Bags.  They offer numerous material offerings and custom sizes to fit existing equipment. .  



onyx-4ONYX is a proven valve supplier for heavy duty industrial valves that are applicable to demanding process conditions in various industries. All valve types have been used in various applications around the world e.g. as mining valves.

ONYX pinch valves, which are ideal solutions where shut-off and control applications involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders or coarse substances. The number of design variations is virtually unlimited as the modular structure of an ONYX valve enables the selection of any actuator, valve body construction and sleeve material to fit specific process conditions. Read More




Grundfos provides complete systems for measurement and control fo Cl2, ClO2, O3, PAA, H202, Fluoride, pH or Redox using their Conex Controllers and Aquacell modular potentiostatic and other sensors.

Grundfos provides complete disenfection systems using the following:

•Vaccuperm gas dosing systems for safe and accurate dosing of gaseous chlorine, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide up to 200 Kg/H (Chlorine)

•Selcoperm safe and simple production of hypochlorite solution for disenfection applications up to 2000 g/h

•Oxiperm chlorine dioxide preperation and dosing systems using HCL/NaClO2 method up to 10 Kg/H

Read More: Water Treatment brochure


Onyx Valve offers a full line of inline pressure isolation rings and switches as well as pinch valves for most size piping systems. These style sensors and pinch valves are particularly suitable for abrasive or crystalizing materials due to their full flow through design with elastomer sleeves. They are offered in both industrial and sanitary versions. The Pressure Sensors can be offered with various type switches and can also be provided with a "Pump Smart Box" protection system for keeping pumps from being damaged due to run dry or dead head situations. The Pinch valves are offered in manual, electric or pneumatic designs. Read More


tnkPerfect Filtration Systems is home of the patented ULTIMATE filtration systems, U.S. Patent # 5271850.  They offer a complete line of products to filter just about any type of fuel or lubricating fluid like: diesel fuel, bio diesel, jet fuel, vegetable oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, compressor fluid, engine oil, gear oil, turbine oil, transformer oil, coolants, and many other types of fluids. Even compressed air. If you are interested in reducing maintenance costs, reducing oil and fluid purchases, and extending the life of your machines, we can help.Read More...