Moyno Pumps


Moyno Products: In early 2013 National Oilwell Varco (NOV) acquired Moyno products, the leading manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps in the USA. Previously, NOV had acquired MonoFlo, the leading manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps in most other parts of the world. NOV now owns three of the original four licensees of the Moineau patent. The resultant company has more than 150 years of experience manufacturing and applying progressing cavity pumps in difficult applications all over the world. The combined product line, marketed under the Moyno brand in North and South America, includes more mechanical designs, covering more applications, than any other PC manufacturer. NOV/Moyno is the largest manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps in the world.  Markets covered by Moyno pumps include:

  • Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Food and Pharmaceutical
  • Mining

Moyno has several different series of pumps to handle various applications.  The following are the pumps that they have developed to meet customers needs:

Moyno 2000 pumps set the standard for heavy duty positive displacement pumping applications. The proprietary Moyno 2000 gear-type universal joint design effectively handles radial and thrust loads for maximum performance and long life. These rugged pumps are able to handle abrasive materials in excess of 80% solids and offer a performance range to 4,500 GPM with pressure to 1,500 PSI. Read More


Moyno’s EZStrip pumps set a new standard for medium duty PC pumps designed for quick and simple maintenance-in-place (MIP). Moyno’s EZstrip design eliminates the need to remove the pump from the piping thereby reducing maintenance time by more than 93% for significant cost savings. Distinguished by a patented split coupling rod, EZstrip offers direct access to the pump’s wear parts and rotating assemblies without affecting the pump’s operational parameters. Read More


Moyno 2000 HS (High Solids) System combines a twin screw feeder and a Moyno 2000 with a unique, patented rotor/ inlet design along with the instrumentation to create a system with high pump efficiency with low discharge pressure to provide unmatched performance in high solids sludge cake transfer. Compared to hydraulically driven, piston ram type pumps and open conveyors, the Moyno 2000 HS System requires a much lower capital investment, lower operating costs and less maintenance. Read More


Moyno Sanitary Pump Designed to meet FDA requirements in a variety of food and chemical applications. Read More: Moyno Sanitary Pumps and Products

compact_cMoyno Compact C pumps are economical sealed pin joint design pumps to handle a variety of applications. Read More: Compact C Series Pumps
moyno_l_frameMoyno L Frame Series pumps are reliable hollow drive shaft, pin joint design pumps that have been used by numerous industries for over 80 years.  Read More: L Frame Series Pump 
moyno_general_utility_pumpsMoyno 500 Series pumps are small, economical, flexible joint, wobble stator, utility pumps that have utilized for varying applications for over 50 years.  They have been used for simple product transfer, oily water seperators, sampling pumps and have been heavily used by Original Equipment Manufactures for simple liquid recirculation.  Read More: 500 Series Small Pump 
large_moyno_metering_pumps1Moyno Metering pumps are durable, realiable, cost efficient, metering pumps that have the unique ability to produce a non-pulsating metered flow of most any chemicals including very viscous materials like polymers.  They are manufactured in various materials in order to handle most chemicals.  Utilized with current Variable Frequency Drive and Motor technoligies, significant turndowns can be achieved while maintaining reliable and repeatable flow.  Read More: Moyno Metering 
large_moyno_tri_phazeMoyno Tri-Phase pumps are unique pumps to handle multiphase pumping applications.  Multiphase pumping is the transfer of fluid containing any combination of liquids, gas and solids.  They are traditionally used in the Oil and Gas production and transportation area.  Read More: Tri-Phase Pump 
MiningPumpMoyno Mining Pumps are rugged pump packages specifically designed for pumping mine water from deep in mines up to the surface or to water re-use filtering stations.  They are built to handle the very abrasive nature of most mine water and can pump up to 1000 PSI.  Read More: Dewatering Flyer